WordPress Project

With our projects, we implement complex feature requests, set up new websites, shops and member areas, as well as develop custom plugins and child themes.

Tackle your WordPress project with a powerful team

Competent project management

Each of our projects is accompanied your personal project manager. Regular calls and status meetings ensure that your project is delivered on time, budget and scope.

We focus on you

Each of our team members works on at most one project at a time to ensure that you receive the attention you deserve. That’s why we only take projects starting at appr. 5000€. If your project is considerably smaller, we’d still love to take care of it with our WordPress support service.

Proposal and analysis

Depending on the complexit, clartiy, and extent of your requirements we conduct a formal requirements and feasibility phase before diving into the implementation of your project.

Documentation and education

We document the implementation and maintenance of your solution so that you can maintain and extend it in the future. On request, we also provide (remote) workshops for you and your team members to learn the use of the newly implemented features.

Long-term support

After completion of your project, we are happy to keep supporting your website with our WordPress support offering.

Enquire about your WordPress project now

Email us for a free discovery call and your individual proposal.

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