Our Mission

The WordPress world can be noisy – in between the quadrillionst list of “145 plugins to accomplish x and y” it can be hard to figure out how to truly keep your website functional and optimized.

On the other hand, your website is an essential part of your visibility and brand. It’s not only often the first point of contact with a potential customer, but ideally your most diligent sales representative for your products and services.

Naturally, you want your website to work perfectly and present you and your business ideally to the outside world. But you’ve probably already, painfully, experienced what a hassle website maintenance, issue solving and customization can become.

That’s where we come in to help you.

As online entrepreneurs and freelancers ourselves, we know the typical trip wires and challenges of running a business. At the same time we have the experience and skills as software developers and administrators t to solve your website troubles efficiently and with excellent quality. So you have more time to focus on what you’re good at and grow your business.

We can help you with acute problems, make adjustments and customizations, implement entire new features on your website, and consult you individually throught the process.

From the desire of location independence to a worldwide remote team of WordPress experts

I, Michelle, founded HootProof in mid-2015. After completing my degree in Computer Science and working as an employed software developer for a few years,  I took the leap into starting a location independen online business.

From the get go, I was focused on creating the process of my work with as little micro management and bureacracy as possible, in order to serve you as efficiently and effectively as possible. I specifically avoided lengthy proposal processes and other corporate non-sense that often keeps agencies from getting the actual work done in time. With HootProof, you simply send us what you need, and we get it done. All our internal processes are optimized for this simple principle.

Today I work as a digital nomad from anywhere in the world, and am happy to pass this lifestyle on to my team – so my team members can spend time with their family in Bali or travel back and forth between Germany and the US.

In the meantime, we’ve become a small, yet growing, fully remote team of German WordPress experts, all speaking German and English. We combine our different backgrounds, professional experience, time zones and vacation time to create the best WordPress service for you and your business.




Why we are the right choice for you and your WordPerss website


We analyze and create stable, maintainable, professional and cost-efficient solutions with you and according to your requirements – using a suitable combination of plugins, tools, and services.


Our work is transparent, thorough, and professional. You can count on us bringing our entire IT and business experience to the table. That’s why our results are always high quality and as future-proof as possible.


Our entire process is optimized for support-type work, flexibly and reliably solving small tasks.

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